Kenya Literature Bureau

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KLB is the only publisher in Kenya that is equipped with a fully-fledged printing press offering commercial printing services. Our printing press uses vintage Western print technology, where all processes are efficiently handled in-house, from start to delivery.

The department is self-sufficient, with complementary sections that handle jobs on modular basis, starting from press to bindery functions.

The machinery used conforms to modern technological calibrations, which guarantees high speed and quality outputs.

The department, which is manned by highly skilled and experienced personnel, handles a wide variety of jobs - large and small - with the customer's needs and expectations given utmost priority.

With our book production experience spanning more than 60 years, we have earned considerable loyalty from our customers, as well as commanding immense respect in the industry.

We pride ourselves in embracing new technology. We are grounded on a firm belief on what technology do and achieve. Our new machines (KBA Rapida 105, offset press and Meccanotechnica Aster 220C High speed sewing) in the production lines are state-of-the-art possessing the new repair and maintenance techniques such as remote maintenance and repair.

Our success and position in the Kenyan print industry is largely due to the ability to tap technology, talent and investment in the latest print technology and machinery. Some of the modern printing machines in our stable include:

  • KBA Rapida105
  • Speed master
  • Gangstitcher
  • Roland Machine
  • City Line Binder
  • UV Vanish Machine
  • Three knife Trimmer
  • Book Sawing Machine