Procurement Opportunities with KLB


From time to time KLB puts out procurement opportunities. These may be in the form of tenders, proposals or quotations. KLB advertises these opportunities annually. This year the opportunities will be advertised in the month of May.


The requirements are specified in the tender document. Generally a firm is expected to show competence in the desired field.This will be in the form of experience, capacity and statutory requirements. Some of the opportunities are open for all firms while others are reserved for special groups. Other than the statutory requirements firms in the special group will be required to provide registration in the group they fall in.

Bid Documents

Once advertised bidders will be required to pay the required fee, collect the document and attach the receipt to the tender on submission. The tenders will be also be available for download. If downloaded then the bidder will be required to pay and attach the receipt to the document. Only per-qualifications will be downloaded and submitted free of charge.

Once the tenders have closed evaluation will start, awards made, and notifications issued before the beginning of the financial year. Under normal circumstances notifications for tenders to be advertised in May should be out by the end of June.

Purchase Orders

The successful firms will enter what is called a framework contract. This means that awarded items will be ordered as and when required during the course of the year through a Local Purchase Order. Quantities may vary according to consumption but it will generally be three month’s stock at a time. Bidders will be required to keep their prices fixed for the duration of the contract period. Firms should therefore consider this when making their quotations.

Award will be made to the firm offering the lowest evaluated price, not necessarily the lowest in price only.


For per-qualifications quotations will be invited whenever required. The invitations will be made to the shortlisted firms. Due to the large number of firms who qualify not all firms are assured of doing business. However attempts will be made to invite as many firms as practical whenever opportunities arise. Good luck to all the special groups