KLB Mandate

The mandate of the Bureau as contained in the Kenya Literature Bureau Act, Cap 209 (Revised 2012) is to:

  • Carry on the business of publishing, printing and distributing literary, educational, cultural and scientific books, periodicals, journals, magazines, digital and electronic materials, and works of every description;
  • Acquire copyrights in and rights and licenses over literary and other works of every description;
  • Promote, through appropriate government agencies, the production of low-cost adult literacy, educational, cultural and scientific literature and materials and make them available for distribution within and outside Kenya;
  • Promote, encourage and assist authors within and outside Kenya, through financial incentives or otherwise, to publish scholarly works;
  • Make available for general readership, through translation from foreign to local languages, works of interest and value to the public;
  • Organise competitions in respect of literary contributions suitable for publication by the Bureau and grant prizes or rewards on such terms as it may deem fit;
  • Co-operate with such other bodies as are engaged in publishing, printing and distribution of books, periodicals, journals and magazines;
  • Publish, print and sell educational materials at reasonable prices so as to make them available to schools and other educational institutions; and
  • Do all such things as appear to be necessary, desirable or expedient for the proper discharge of its functions under this Act.